100ml Sleep Well Pillow Spray

100ml Sleep Well Pillow Spray

Lavender has been sought after since antiquity, for its medicinal properties and its unique fragrance. Its active substances are being emphasized under its natural oil form. Relaxing virtues - against nervousness, stress, and sleep disorder - are imputed to lavender essential oil.

With 100% natural essential oil

Our product is based on the soothing virtues of lavender. Our lavender water contains 100% pure lavender oil and is created without the addition of other fragrance oils or aromatic oils.

Premium Quality from Germany and Bulgaria

Our sprays are manufactured in Germany under rigorous quality oversight. The raw materials also undergo strict quality control upon arrival, in order to ensure pure and authentic lavender scent.

It is made of pure lavender natural oil (Lavandula angustifolia) from Bulgaria, which gives it a fine and pleasant aroma.

Perfect on the bedside table

Simply spray 1-3x on the pillow or in the room as an aid to falling asleep or in the air as a pleasant, soothing room fragrance. This evening routine will soon become a true purifying and refreshing ritual of relaxation and well-being. The lavender spray can be finely dosed as required by the spray cap.