FSC® Cedar Wood Flowers for Hangers

FSC® Cedar Wood Flowers for Hangers

We humans perceive the scent of the essential cedar wood oil as pleasant and aromatic, while moths, on the other hand, flee in search of space.

Our cedar wood rings are a wonderful combination of natural, fresh scent - just imagine when you open your wardrobe, a breath of coniferous forest flows towards you - and furthermore provides a natural defence against moths, which gets along completely without chemicals!

Natural moth protection - that's how it works!

The flowers are made of cedar wood and have a hole in the middle, which makes them easy to put over the hook of a coat hanger. Alternatively, they can also be placed in the wardrobe or drawers.

Our wooden rings are very durable. They can simply be roughened with fine sandpaper (which is part of the package) to renew the anti-moth effect, the discreetly fresh scent of the wood and the natural, essential oils.

Made in sustainable production

Our cedar wood comes from sustainable, FSC certified cultivation. FSC stands for the "Forest Stewardship Council®", which is committed to promoting environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.

By purchasing our product with the FSC label, you are supporting the careful use of forest resources.