Premium Lavender Seeds

Premium Lavender Seeds

This perennial lavender plant is a popular seasoning herb with an aromatic taste. The plant is also very much appreciated by bees, bumble bees and butterflies and turns your garden into a small insect paradise.

Quality seeds from Germany

One bag contains seeds for about 50 lavender plants. These are hardy and perennial. Growing lavender is not easy and needs some time and patience, but the beautiful outcome is definitely worth the effort! 

The cultivation of your own lavender - Recommended for professionals

Previous stratification supports the germination. Afterwards, sow between April and June in a bowl. Press only lightly and do not cover with soil. Germination takes place at 15-20°C after 2-3 weeks. Keep slightly moist.

The seedlings are transferred from May or June into plant tubs or into the patch. Lavender loves sunny locations and sandy, humous but also calcareous soils. In general, the cultivation of the lavender plant is recommended to experienced garden professionals.

The allround talent lavender in kitchen and everyday life

As part of the "Herbs of Provence", lavender is a special highlight of Mediterranean cuisine. Lavender is incredibly versatile and can be used in cold and hot dishes, drinks, pastries and desserts.

Our lavender is perfect for making soap or bath additives, which is also a very special gift idea! You can also use the aromatic-scented plant to fill eye cushion bags, as a home decoration or as natural protection against textile moths.

For centuries, the lavender scent has also been used as a relaxing aid to falling asleep.

You didn't grow anything? No problem, we are there for you!

Lavender is a beautiful plant, but its successful growth depends on many different factors, such as the amount of light it receives, the outside temperature and the quality of the soil. Due to the high demands of the seed, we recommend that you use the seeds best when you have advanced experience.

If you have any questions about sowing or lavender growth, please do not hesitate to tell us! We are there for you personally via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..